Our dedicated team of highly experienced and innovative personal injury solicitors are committed to providing a professional but personal service tailored to your needs. We could help you with a wide range of circumstances, including:

Road traffic accidents, including uninsured/untraced driver claims
Whiplash injuries
Accidents and illnesses at work


What Our Customers Say!

  • 01.

    (Mr S. Simpson, Essex)

    Addison & Khan Solicitors are simply
    wonderful; they guided me through
    my court case and made the
    whole experience of going to
    court easy


    (Michaels, Romford, Essex)

    The solicitors at Addison Khan
    took away the stress of my
    claim almost instantly

  • 03.

    (Mathew Anderson)

    I would like to take this opportunity
    to say that the quality of service offered
    by Addison Khan Solicitors


    (Mr. Scott Eason)

    Just had a conversation with one of
    your team – and want to say thank you
    for quick response.
    court easy


Addison & Khan Solicitors

Addison & Khan Solicitors is a firm with extensive legal knowledge and experience serving its clients regionally and internationally with their legal matters. We have clients of diverse background from across the globe such as Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Gambia, Nigeria, China, South Africa, and Russia. Our clients travel hundreds of miles from different places from within and outside the UK to gain benefit from the efficient services of our team.

Addison & Khan Solicitors specialise in UK immigration law related to cooperate sector and individuals, personal injury (Road Traffic Accidents), employment law, family law, civil litigation including corporate affairs, commercial property, Wills and probate, Landlord & Tenants. All the matters in our firm are dealt by experienced and skilful professionals under the supervision of highly qualified solicitors. Our firm is proud to be equipped with the latest technology and techniques to tackle the matters in an efficient and timely manner.


Lawyers should be close and accessible to clients throughout the life of their matter, offering full legal at a affordable rate

In addition, skilled, multilingual lawyers Addison Khan Solicitors can take instructions in relation to Corporate, Commercial, Contract, Construction, personal and Serious injuries, Insurance claims, Trademark disputes, Trade-secret disputes, Immigration and Refugees, Human Rights, Family Law, Criminal Law, Employment Law, Civil and Criminal Litigation.

We are happy to assist in the drafting of agreements for use by businesses, help settle disputes with others, draw up and/or attest documents such as Power of Attorney, Statutory Declarations, draft partnership or other agreements. We also offer advice concerning the making of a Will and Inheritance Tax planning.



Head of Department

  • Gul Nawaz Khan (Principal Solicitor)
  • Safdar Ali (Solicitor, Head of Personal Injury)
  • Inam Rana (Consultant, Head of Immigration)
  • Moshiur Mian (Senior Consultant Solicitor & Head of Litigation)
  • Iram Fatima (Business Development Consultant, Head of Support)
  • Kausar Gulnawaz (Practise Manger & Head of Customer Service team)

Personal Injury Team

  • Safdar Ali (Solicitor, Head of Personal Injury)
  • Abdul Ghaffar Ahmed (Trainee Solicitor)

Immigration, Litigation, family, Employment Law and Support Team

  • Inam Rana (Solicitor, Head of Immigration)
  • Moshiur Mian (Head of Litigation- Senior Solicitor)
  • Shaeeda Amin (Senior Solicitor)
  • Mian Atif (Barrister-at-law NP)
  • Zulfiqar Ali Ranjha RFL & Senior Immigration Consultant
  • Fazal Karim Mondal (Legal Executive)
  • Kausar Gulnawaz (Practice Manager)
  • Shariful Alam Palash (Compliance & Accounts Manager)
  • Imtiaz ul Haque (HR Manger)
  • Syed Ali Gilani